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"Making a difference in every life we touch and always striving for excellence in Care and Integrity" - Jerry & Nancy Voyna

Tips for Preventing Falls Among Older Adults

One out of three older people, those 65 and older, fall each year, and even fewer tell their doctor. Falls are serious because they can lead to severe injuries such as broken hips and bones and head injury. If you are worried about your loved ones falling when they are alone, take these steps for fall prevention.

Remove the clutter

If your loved ones still live at home, take the time to clear up any clutter that may cause them to trip and fall. Hallways and staircases should be clean to prevent your loved one from falling. Inspect every room for loose carpet, wood floorboards that stick up and slippery rugs. If necessary, repair or replace items.

Install handrails

Handrails should be installed in staircases to assist your loved ones getting up and down the stairs. Other places where handrails or grab bars should be installed are in the bathroom near the toilet and bathtub. The grab bars will help them perform routine activities with confidence, without fear of slipping and falling. Installing handrails can be done by a handyman or a family member.

Ensure good lighting

Install brighter light bulbs or more light fixtures if you notice dim lighting in your loved one’s room or home. Poor lighting can be a major hazard for those who are at a heightened risk for falling. You can also add nightlights in hallways and restrooms to add extra guidance at night.

Wear shoes or socks with a grip

Socks can be slippery on tile or hardwood floors. Wearing shoes can be an easy way to prevent falls in the home. If your loved one does not want to wear shoes, there are socks that have a grip on the bottom that can be more comfortable.

Use nonslip mats

Wet floors in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as bathtubs and showers, can become dangerous when they get wet. Nonslip mats can help prevent falls on slippery surfaces.

Visit the doctor

If you are worried about your loved ones being at risk for falling, accompany them to the doctor to ensure the medicine or the combination of medicines they are taking do not have side effects such as dizziness or drowsiness. This can increase the risk of falling.

You should also visit the eye doctor to make sure your loved one’s vision is clear. Older adults should have their vision checked at least once a year to make sure they are getting the right prescription strength.

QHC Skilled Nursing Facilities

QHC nursing homes are skilled nursing facilities that ensure their residents receive a high level of monitoring and assistance. Residents who pose a fall risk should not be prevented from engaging in the hobbies and interests they enjoy. With our quality care and monitoring, we offer reading programs, gardening classes, exercise classes, and crafts to help our residents make a smoother, safer transition into our skilled nursing care.

Our award-winning facilities are recognized for providing the highest level of care possible for your loved ones. We have care centers located throughout the state of Iowa including Mitchellville, Fort Dodge and Maquoketa.

Posted on January 26, 2016 at 5:46 pm

QHC Management, LLC Care Facilities Locations

1015 Wesley Drive
Maquoketa, Ia 52060-2637
Tele: 563.652-4968/ Fax: 563.652-3150
Crestview Acres
1485 Grand Avenue
Marion, Ia 52302-5219
Tele: 319.377-4823/ Fax: 319.377-4501
Fort Dodge Villa Care Center
2721 10th Avenue North
Fort Dodge, Ia 50501-2834
Tele: 515.576-7525/ Fax: 515.955-7528
Villa Cottages
925 Martin Luther King Drive
Fort Dodge, Ia 50501-2866
Tele: 515.576-6525/ Fax: 515.573-3968
Humboldt Care Center North
1111 11th Avenue North
Humboldt, Ia 50548-1225
Tele: 515.332-2623/ Fax: 515.332-2653
Humboldt Care Center South
800 13th Street South
Humboldt, Ia 50548-2439
Tele: 515.332-4104/ Fax: 515.332-4526
Madison Square
209 W Jefferson Street
Winterset, Ia 50273-1676
Tele: 515.462-5087/ Fax: 515.462-9058
Mitchell Village Care Center
114 Carter Street Sw
Mitchellville, Ia 50169-5000
Tele: 515.967-3726/ Fax: 515.967-3728
Sunnycrest Nursing Center
401 Crisman Street
Dysart, Ia 52224-9520
Tele: 319.476-2400/ Fax: 319.476-3622
Winterset Care Center North
411 East Lane Street
Winterset, Ia 50273-1217
Tele: 515.462-1571/ Fax: 515.462-1572


Our company was founded in 1977 by Kenneth Webb under the name Quality Health Care Specialists, Corp. In 2011, Jerry and Nancy Voyna became the proud owners after 20+ years of service within the company home office. At that time Jerry and Nancy changed the name of the company to QHC Management, LLC and QHC Facilities, LLC, respectively. QHC Management oversees the operations of QHC Facilities and in total there are 10 facilities; eight skilled nursing homes and two assisted living facilities.